Velan Hospitals

Velan Speciality Hospitals, Tiruchirapalli, has a very simple core philosophy - Advanced healthcare should be made affordable to all. Access to quality healthcare shouldn’t be about long screening procedures or privilege. A dedicated group of specialist doctors and patient care personnel who work together to offer 360° care—from consultation and diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation.

Accomplished Outcomes




Total Reach



The Challenge

Located in Trichy, a tier2 city, a place with well-established larger hospitals, the challenge was to make Velan Speciality Hospitals stand apart as a quality healthcare provider covering all major specialities, affordably. 

Our Process

What we did

Digital transformation

Brand building



What our study showed

Social Media Analysis

a meagre presence on social media.
a clear need for brand building, and establishing a clear brand voice and style
Lack of consistency in social media content posting

Insights from website audit

Lack of brand voice and tone
Slow and antiquated website response contributing to poor engagement
Lack of structure and hierarchy 
Home page lacked brand distinguishing statements and highlights

Phase 1


We conducted a branding workshop to understand what the brand stands for, the “why” behind, and about the founders philosophy etc. and renewed Velan’s brand positioning statements and tone and voice.

It is a 60-bed international standard centre of care with the ethos of a neighbourhood family doctor. Modular operation theatres and patient care infrastructure have been imported from Germany to bring the latest care to the heart of Tamil Nadu, Trichy.

Be you

Rebranded BeYou to reflect principles that the founder wanted the brand to embody: instilling confidence, nature and science backed, gender neutral, friendly and affordable.

Old Branding

Post Re-Branding

The new logo relates well to the parent brand with the ‘Vel’ which also doubles up as a leaf (natural and sustainable solutions), a confident person (brand ethos), pink & purple (brand colours that the client wanted to embody trust, confidence, and simplicity).


Website revamp with about four lead generation forms, payment gateway integration and direct messaging ability (Chat).

Discussed and charted out specialities grouping, content for each speciality, and the positioning


Planned and executed a 3-day shoot for 2-minute videos covering 20 specialist doctors introducing the public to each of the specialities, what’s special at Velan, and tips for preventive care.

Blogs: Planned and ran a consistent blog publishing schedule, 2 blogs per month, on engaging topics and SEO relevance. They total to about 20 so far.

Phase 2

Lead Generation

Setup groundwork for running WhatsApp campaigns, setup ad accounts for running Facebook campaigns

We identified 3 major audience target categories.

Created and initiated pilot campaigns spanning 2 months to collect data and understand audience behaviour 

Collaborated with Oho Talks for video promotions which gathered us a fantastic response

International Patients: With an aim to attract international patients, we did analysis of a few countries that have the potential to be targeted with medical tourism ads. Revamped the international patients page.

Direct Message Campaigns

Non-intrusive whatsApp promotions and ad promotions for various specialities planned and executed. 


From print banners for events, bill boards, handbooks, to full-on newspaper ads - we've enjoyed delivering on all of it

Phase 3

SEO & Competitor Analysis

Performed a SEO Competitor analysis to better understand how other hospitals in Trichy have positioned themselves and arrived at an SEO strategy to increase our SEO ranking.

Created 35 plus pages, one for each doctor, to improve search presence. Brought Velan to list on the first page for women’s health. Changed title structure of speciality pages for better search presence.

Through all these activities, the SEO score improved from 40 to 66 


Encouraged engagement with the audience through Instagram story quizzes, polls, picture polls, and contests.


Began regular engagement campaigns in partnership with Radio Mirchi, Trichy, through a personified character called Dr. V who does myth busting and shares verified facts.

Social Media Campaigns  / Topics

We created original content with an aim to cover all the specialities with at least one key stone content per campaign; spread awareness on preventive health, nutrition, wellness and fitness and on better, safer options available to the public such as advanced minimally invasive surgeries, endoscopy. We especially focus on the various national and international awareness days for health or to simply quell misinformation.

Accident care

preventive health

wellness and fitness

Nutrition and Food

Speciality campaigns

Sports Medicine


Awareness days



Platforms Covered