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We create content that doesn't stop at capturing attention but goes on to captivate the audience. It begins with a brief you approve, a storyboard you like, and closes with a creation you'd be proud to showcase.
Customized to fit your brand and your audience.

Hand-sketched Illustration
Emphatic scriptwriting
Graphic Storyboard
Professional Voiceover
Premium Background Music
Source Files

Take a seat. It will only take a moment.

Questions you may have

Can you do animation in local languages?

We are in partnership with many translators across the globe for everything from translations, to voiceovers and contextualization. So we’d be glad to customize this for you.

Who owns the right to the content you produce?

You do. Also since we use licensed stock content including images, video, and audio, you will have the rights to use those in your communications or use it for promotions on any media. If you need to resell that video, you will need to get an enhanced license directly from the entity who owns the license to that content. If you have questions regarding this, reach out and we’ll be happy to clarify.

Do we outsource to other agencies?

It depends. We sometimes do certain activities in-house if the nature of the task requires and sometimes delegate it to our partners who are experts in specific skill sets. But we own the final responsibility and we also take care of everything from IP to coordination to even changing partners or insourcing if we feel the quality is not up to the mark.

Can you help us with the script?

Of course. Even if you have a script, our content team will take an active role in enhancing it or modify it to better meet your objectives or change the messaging tone to customize it for your audience.

What formats of the video are delivered?

We generally deliver HD versions of MP4 but we can customize this to your specifications.

Do we get the proper bill with the GST number?

Yes. For Indian organizations, we will provide a GST Invoice and for those outside India, we will provide an Invoice in your local currency. No taxes will be added on top of the invoice amount for clients outside of India as we have obtained certain exemptions for export of our services.

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