Lead Generation Case Study

Converting IIT dreams into registrations

A premier institute offering top-notch coaching for IIT JEE | NEET with Intermediate & BITSAT

Accomplished Outcomes

Admission leads


YouTube video views


Facebook followers gained in x weeks

The Challenge

It’s a small window that we have to target our audience and convince them that Nano is the institution for them. The challenge was to differentiate Nano from the crop of smaller institutions that have sprung over the last decade and to swing the decisions of parents who are a bit wary and unsure about sending their children to larger players such as the Narayanas and the Chaitanyas in Nano’s favour.

Our target audience
Students between the ages of 18 to 19
Parents and decision makers between the ages of 35 to 60
Telangana and Andhra Pradesh
Meta, Google
Google Display Campaigns
Targeted Google Display Campaigns to get registrations on Landing page
YouTube Campaigns
YouTube video campaign for engagement & awareness
Performance Max Campaign
Performance max campaign for admissions
Meta Lead Generation
Webinar-led lead generation on Meta

We pitched the idea of webinars to Nano’s director who saw the potential in it at once. It was a fast-track campaign from that moment on.  Two webinars focused on long-term IIT JEE and NEET preparation each were conducted and were advertised via reels and static ads.

4-day run of long-term IIT JEE ads got us 34 leads
3-day run of long-term NEET ads got us 9 leads
Follower Campaign
Follower Campaign for Facebook

To maintain brand consistency we created a new Facebook page for brand Nano. Our targeted follower campaign gained us 1k followers and likes. We achieved 1k Facebook page followers in a time period of less than 3 weeks.